A Round Rug Creates A Room Beyond Imagination

A Round Rug Creates A Room Beyond Imagination

As everyone knows, nearly 90% of rugs are rectangle.However, in fact  sometimes a round rug absolutely defeats a rectangle one! Today I’ll show you four cases in which a round rug is a perfectly suitable,and I assure you that it must make your home so beautiful to go beyond imagination,just like you.

Hand Woven Round Rug

Case one: When there’s a curved wall in your home

A curved wall can help to shape cambered space which not only looks like a bay but also acts as an independent functional zone,so never waste it. And to it,a round rug is a perfect match,cause it can not only highlight the beauty of curve of the wall,but can also provide the whole zone with more peace and more leisure.

 Case Two: When there’s round furniture and ornaments in your room

To round furniture and ornaments,which are inevitable choices in home decoration,a round rug can highlight it as well as chime in with it.For instance,if on the wall there are some round hangings,a rug of the same shape can be laid under them, creating a unique style. And a round rug is the best company to a round dining-table,and the match of them will make the design of the whole dining room more harmonious.

Case Three: When you wanna make a nest that belongs to yourself

Such a room,even it’s only as small as a stamp,deserves decoration with much thought.And just a round rug can make it more cosy and personalized.

A round rug of pastoral style

In all three cases, a round rug is an excellent choice.And you may as well choose one to make your home shine!