How to distinguish pure cotton bedding?

How to distinguish pure cotton bedding?

Pure cotton bedding is indispensable in our family, and pure cotton quilt is made of natural plants, which makes people feel comfortable and warm without causing any harm to the human body. With more and more pure cotton bedding, how to distinguish pure cotton bedding? Here, FADFAY Home Textiles summarizes the following identification schemes:

1. Look at the label. To judge whether it is pure cotton bedding, we can look at the label of the goods first to make a preliminary judgment. It should be noted that many companies now make fake labels, so reading labels can only be used as a preliminary reference. If the label says it is not pure cotton, then it must not be pure cotton; if the label says it is pure cotton, we can only keep a dubious attitude.

2. Check the feel. Pure cotton bedding is breathable, soft and comfortable to touch. Pure cotton bedding can be pinched by hand and then loosened, and obvious wrinkles can be found, and the creases are not easy to return to the original ones; take out several warps and weft yarns from the pure cotton cloth and twist them apart to see that the fibers are of different lengths. However, chemical fiber clothes are hard, rough to touch, and not soft and slippery. If the cotton content of bedding is too small, it can clearly feel uncomfortable and airtight.

3. Check elasticity. The elasticity of pure cotton bedding is general, it can be said that there is mostly no elasticity. If you encounter a larger elastic bed, then you have to seriously doubt its cotton content. It can be said that the greater the elasticity, the more unorthodox.

4. Burning clothes. If there is a bad smell, it is chemical fiber. If there is black smoke, it is also chemical fiber. If you burn the ashes one by one, it seems that they are not clean, you can judge that they are not pure cotton. Pure cotton cloth close to the flame does not shrink, burning almost no smell, ash is tiny, gray white, powdery.

Hope the above identification method can help you.