How To Make A Perfect Match For Your Sofa&Pillows

How To Make A Perfect Match For Your Sofa&Pillows

How lonely the sofa is without the company of pillows! But do you really know how to make a perfect match for them? Here are some tips:

l If you have in a spacious and well-lighted living room,where a leather sofa of dark color is placed(a black sofa for example,which looks solemn and splendid),maybe you can decorade it with bright color pillows,like Chinese red and so on. Such colors will light up the sofa, diluting the dreariment of it’s dark color with vitality. And of course,the collocation should be harmonious with the overall styl of the livingroom.

l If your sofa is exclusively custom-made for a small livingroom and the color of it is quite quiet,we think you may choose pillows made of light-colored cotton&linen.Why? It’s quite possible that people who choose quiet-colored sofas have a gentle temper.To them a light-colored and simple-styled pillow is suitable,because the pillow,the sofa and their temper will set each other off.

l If your living room is equipped with a colorful carpet and a fabric sofa,we suggest use pillows with cartoon patterns are preferable. Everybody knows that a fabric sofa looks very soft and comfortble,making the atmosphere in the livingroom simple and peaceful. Likely people who choose such a sofa have a soft heart and know well how to operate his or her life. So,just imagine the relaxing cozy nest made of such a sofa and pillow. Imagin that when a busy day is finished,you step into your home,hold the pillow in your arms and then,you lazily lie down on the sofa. I bet half an hour is not enough,because that cozy nest is just too comfortable for you to leave!

l If you own a livingroom of pastoral style and a sofa with patterns of small flowers, we think pillows with striated patterns is just OK.Well,in fact,it’s not easy to find a suitable body pillow for such a girlish sofa. To it, the solid-colored ones are too monotonous, and if you decorate it with bright-colored body pillows,it will look neither fish nor fowl.Only the one with striated patterns is all right. By the way,in this sense striated patterns are just all-purpose. They can just be adopted universally,no matter in dress collocation or in the collocation of household articles!

Now,let’s make a final summery on the skills to match a sofa and pillows.

For dark-colored sofas,bright-colored pillows are the best;for quiet-colored sofas,light-colored pillows with simple patterns are preferable;for fabric sofas,pillows with cartoon patterns are perfect;and for sofas with patterns of small flowers,pillows of striated patterns are not bad. That’s all.Hope our introduction is helpful to you!