Necessary Knows about the Matching of Curtain

Necessary Knows about the Matching of Curtain

1.Childhood dreams

You can choose simple hanging curtain with "cartoon model" design and bright color. It is for the psychology of children.

2. Study Series

The style of the study is simple but elegant. The relevant curtain is supposed to be good pervious to light and bright. For all the designs, the mainly used ones are the shade curtains that could be raised and dropped. This kind of curtains can control the light shooting in appropriately. Color of study curtain is mostly elegant tonal like camel color, cream-colored and so on. Such curtains satisfy the demand for stable mood and are conducive to work and study.

3. Bedroom Series

The styles of the bedroom can be divided into three themes: Chinese style, European style and leisure style. In terms of the functions, the environment is supposed to be thick, safe and cozy. The curtain pattern must coordinate with the bedspread. The commonest design of the curtain is window screen outside and shade curtain inside. This practice is meant to make the bedroom a good place to sleep at any time.

4. Kitchen Series

The style of the restaurant can also be divided into three themes as the bedroom series. The atmosphere should be lively and vivid. It’s wise for restaurant to use dimming color (orange) to promote appetite. Detailed, tonal should be in accordance with range between the table and the wall. The curtain styles referring to the sizes of the window itself available are hanging, opposite open and single side open styles. In addition, outside the curtain is window screen, inside the curtain with cotton products.

5. Living room Series

The cloth art of the living room appeals to the simple, elegant, spacious and bright nature of the environment. Colors of the curtain should be coordinated with that of the wall and furniture. Moreover, it’s advisable to choose the mid-tone colors. The styles of family decoration can also be divided into three themes: Chinese style, European style and leisure style. Suspensions, pattern of split and down-to-floor window curtains are the most widely chosen designs. It looks good with window screens outside and inside curtain with translucent curtains. Dotted with the window valances, panels and ribbons, the curtains look much better.