Selection skills of baby bedding

Selection skills of baby bedding


Do not choose to contain fluorescent agents or formaldehyde baby bedding. This kind of chemical irritation to the skin is extensive, easy to cause the baby's skin allergy. Should choose safe and environmentally friendly baby bedding, such as crib seams to be tight, to prevent the baby's hands and feet, mattress to choose soft and moderate, which is conducive to the development of the baby's spine.


Pay attention to the choice of baby quilts, the size and thickness should be appropriate, not mean the larger or the thicker is the better, because too large, too heavy cribs are easy to oppress children's breathing and affect the quality of their sleep.


Some mothers prefer a simple style, so the products they buy for their babies are cold colors of black, white and gray. In fact, babies also have their own cognition and preference for the things around them. The older the baby is, the more sensitive he is to bright colors and complex patterns, and he is more inclined to choose things with bright colors.

Air permeability and warmth.

In general, when choosing a bed kit for a baby, you should pay attention to the choice of pure cotton.