Smart cutting-offs bring lives more Hi-Q

Smart cutting-offs bring lives more Hi-Q

Our human-being took a long long way from lacking of food and clothes to having enough necessities ,but till now, the quality of most people’s lives hasn't increased much,let alone a big shift for we all . For example, the details bellow are seldom noticed.

Towels are kept in use till theyre worn-out.

Such a towel may be the very inducement for the acne on our faces 

According to previous investigations, most people won’t throw their towels until they’re broken. But listen to the dermatologists: this is totally wrong! Most towels are made of pure cotton with poor acid resistance, and because they’re always hang at damp rooms like washrooms,so they’re inclined to be full of bacteria.Even if they’re frequently washed,a quick reproduction of bacteria can not be totally stopped.

In fact, most people don’t care about their towels enough. I mean,even many of us are used to wash towels regularly,few of us often completely sterilize them with good methods,including boiling them with saline water etc. That way even the towels are washed often, on them excretions like scurf and skin oil still remain. 

I don’t mean to be rude.But,if you have such a towel,which have been used for a long time without sterilization regularly,and when you’re washing your face with it,don’t you think you’re using a piece of duster cloth?\

Pillows are used for 10 years without change 

Such pillows are hotbeds for acarids ,which cause itches in our heads 

People who never change pillows are rarely seen,but people who keep their old pillows for years or even ten years are really plenty! 

I still remember that one day in my childhood, my family members folded q few of cotton-padded clothes into “pillows “,which were then used for many years. This was a hard time, so we understand such a behavior.But today is different,and we should pay more attention to our health.You know what? About 20 kilograms of sweat percolates into a pillow every year.

According to some studies, among all beddings, usually a pillow is the dirtiest. Our sweat ,scurf,saliva and skin oil, all that secreted when we sleep make delicious food for acarids! So,it is no exaggeration to say that a pillow used for years without regular disinfection is comparable a rubbish heap!

Quilts are used for a long time without airing them in the sun 

Because of poor performance on heat retention,such a quilt often cause a cold

To many people,a quilt that has been used for a long time is just like a ” chicken rib”(in Chinese, it means something that has no big value but still can not be abandoned without any hesitation).

However, you should know that the longer a quilt is used, the poorer the resilience and the crimp force of fibers get, resulting in the decline of heat retention . In addition, many quilts are seldom ,or due to special fabrics, never washed correctly,thus at last,they’ve gathered a large amount of bacteria. You know what? Some studies show that just 3 months without disinfecting a quilt may mean that you’re sleeping with 600 acarids! Can you imagine that?

Quilt covers are kept in use till they are badly faded

Such a quilt cover can weaken our appreciation to our bedroom

Although obviously faded, many quilt covers still stay on our beds. Thats true that they show a frugal living style of the owner,but on the other hand,they indicate a lower quality of life,making others doubt whether the owner has just get rid of poverty.In fact,people who know the life truly will always keep their bedrooms as colorful as spring.

Home is just home,and the bedroom should be the coziest room in it. So,dont reject Hi-Q beddings for a so-called frugal living style.While our clothes are just ornaments for our bodies,beautiful beddings can really offer you beautiful life.In sum,to improve our life,lets begin with changing our beddings!