The Choice and Use of Floor Mats

The Choice and Use of Floor Mats

Generally speaking, the indoor floor mats basically use acrylic fiber, cotton material and superfine fiber while the outdoor floor mats should mainly choose rubber flocking, coconut fiber material and other synthetic fiber material. Detailed explanations are as follows based on the partition of each room.


Ground mats play a role in protecting the floor and reducing the damage to the ground. So you can choose acrylic material floor mats, which feels soft and not easy to lose hair


The ground mats for the doorway basically is to blow sand, wipe off the dirt and prevent indoor pollution by the dust carried in. So you should choose the mats made of such material which are powerful in dirt removal, wear-resisting, and easy to clean, as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.


The use of ground mats here is to prevent the water, oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. Therefore, cotton floor mats are recommended here for cotton mats have high oil-absorbability and meanwhile the natural material is safer in the kitchen. In addition, cotton ground mats are mostly dark colored, which makes it less obvious with dirt.  Apart from these, the cotton mats stand out as their price is cheaper compared to the likewise natural superfine fiber material ground mats, whose price is approximately its 1.5 times. It will not hurt so much to often change the mats in the easily dirty kitchen.


The ground mats placed in front of the lavabo and bathroom doorway are basically used to absorb water. So, you should choose cotton or superfine fiber ground mats, among which the superfine fiber material mats are especially the optimal. Consumers can step directly on the mats after having a bath. The mats not only absorb water quickly but also feel comfortable.


Many people nowadays like to put a floor mat next to their bed so they can go barefoot when they get out of bed without catching a cold. Although there are lots of bedside mats of multiple materials available on the market, we still suggest you using cotton or superfine fiber ground mats in the bedroom. These two kinds of material are safe, pollution-free, and completely free from the trouble of static electricity. Moreover, they feel comfortable and cannot be too suitable to be used in the bedroom and children room.