The fashion trend of bedding in 2021

The fashion trend of bedding in 2021

Let's explore the fashionable essence of the fashion trend of bedding in 2021 from the color dimension!

The first theme of home textile tendency

Minimalism make our life return to its essence, and individuation of consumption no longer emphasizes top-grade quality simply, it blend the creative dimensions of comfort and practicality, it can also make us pleases ourselves, besides, its exquisite urban appearance makes our daily life have more and more free and poetic expression of aesthetic, it showing a relaxed urban style.

Color: Its color is mainly neutral and permeated with immaculate white and metallic color as the keynote, which brings more possibilities for the series of new classic.

The second theme of home textile tendency

Nature and human beings establish a more close daily connection, the forms of exquisite and vivid can enlighten our inspiration and bring us a sense of exploration and innovation with modernity and sustainability, we should cherish our tradition and obtain wisdom from history, we should use ancient elements of nature to burst out new forms and reveal the maturity.

Color: The natural palette has updated the original simplicity of the previous season, and it constitute the base hues with organic pale brown and mahogany colors, even moving towards to a direction of more exquisite texture.

The third theme of home textile tendency

Young people wake up restore ancient ways in the streets, their self-willed mashup is both flaunty and inclusive. Interesting retro decoration redefines the new luxury aesthetic of Generation Z, which is confident and bold with creative minds; it wandering in the middle of illusion and reality, and their brave expression make them not afraid of self-subversion of innovation and showing a fashion attitude that dares to cross the boundary.

Color: the bright color with strong high-saturation blend with the fresh pastel tones, the retro atmosphere comes out at once, it based on the colors of black and white, which interpret the youth style with more street sense.