The four characteristics of high-grade bedding

The four characteristics of high-grade bedding

Bedding products include bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, bedspreads, quilts, pillows, mats and other textile products, which all kinds of products with a variety of patterns, styles and fabrics particularly brilliant. So how to judge if you're buying a good set of bedding?

First, whether the density of yarn count is high

Usually, the fineness and density of fabric yarns can determine the comfort of the fabric, if the yarn are thin, then it is more soft and more comfortable.

In general, our ordinary cotton fabric is only 40 hanks, but if it is high-quality bedding, then it at least have 60 hanks or more and the density of that are more than 400.

How to judge high hank and high density:

i. observe the appearance:  it feel smooth as silk and the lines are clear and flawless.

ii. observe the performance: it will wrinkle when we grip that, but after the wrinkle it will restore automatically.

iii. Observe the weight: we can clearly feel that this is heavier than ordinary cotton bedding products.

Second. observe the printing and dyeing effect

It is not possible to buy bedding only care the price but does not care the quality, especially the dye used in bed products is directly related to our health matters. Some people sleep through the  night and find their bodies or clothes are covered in color. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the quality of bed products is active printing or coating  printing, usually, high-grade bed products use the active dyeing.

How to judge that it is paint dyeing:

i. The paint prints’ color is dime, as if it had been painted on the wall.

ii. The surface of the cloth felt shiny, but it will disappeared after we washing it.

iii. It feels hard, although it has been soften, it becomes hard after washing.

Third. observe the sewing technology

A key point to decide whether the bedding is delicate is observe the sewing details, the needle distance require straight, clean, neat.

Process determines the life of the product, but also determines the final grade of a set of products, sometimes  you can not say where it is good, but you just feel different.

Fourth. Feel the hand handle

The fabric material can determine the skin-friendly performance.

Natural materials have natural skin-friendly performance, such as cotton, so when you decide to buy a set of high-grade bedding products, the best choice is cotton materials.