The trend of the most favored bedding in 2021

The trend of the most favored bedding in 2021

Great performance of color solutions. The bedding with lavish color palettes and gradients and extravagant printing can turn your sleeping area into a work of art.

Dating back to roots. The trend shows people’s sincerest love for natural fabrics. Linen and cotton not only have excellent practicality but also retain the natural texture.

Maximum geometries. Any designs like grids, strips, rhombuses or circles can produce win-win effects.

No exaggeration in luxury. Unconditional minimalism and elegant eclecticism coexist peacefully. Absorbing ethnic, Bohemian style, the fabrics with natural colors and distinctive prints are a real must for your bedroom.

Elegant decorations, such as delicate flounces, embroidery and even lace, will immerse you in an atmosphere of luxury.