Wanna Know How To Collocate Home Textiles In Colores?

Wanna Know How To Collocate Home Textiles In Colores?

Home textiles are important components of home furnishing,meanwhile they can also affect the quality of our life.And to make our home more comfortable,we need to know some knowledge to choose and collocate them. And speaking of collocation,we should know that different color-combinations can create different effects.Today let’s introduce some cases for you to use for reference:

The combination of light yellow and green:These two colors can indicate the joy for a new life.And light yellow is a color that is refreshing and tender,so in living spaces for young couples and for yough parents who just have a newborn,to collocate light yellow with hyacinthine or peak green is just a good idea

The combination of blue and white: This combination can make our home warm,sweet and romantic.Most of us like simple and elegant environment ,especially the environment of Mediterranean style,and to own it,we may try such a color-combination for our furniture and ornaments,making sure they are uniformed in the same color scheme. That can not only make them look harmonious with each other,but can also bring the smell of blue sky and blue sea into your home.For this reason,the combination of blue and white is an ideal choice for your house.

The combination of silver-blue and Dunhuang-orange: It can create a style featured with the combination of modern and tradition.The collision of silver-blue and Dunhuang-orange,the mixture of ancient and today,will at last create an amazing visual perception for people,making them enjoy both the surreal exprience and the retro smell at the same time.And just adjust the shades of them,you’ll endow your living space with different new lives.

Above is our illustration on how to collocate textiles of different colors.Have you learned it? By the way,please make sure that the style of your textiles is in line with the overall style of your home decoration,so the whole environment is harmonious,stylish and enjoyable.Hope that you’ll have happier home life!